In the Lotus of the Heart
The Essence of Relationships

Vedanta teacher Shubhraji was moved to write In the Lotus of the Heart: The Essence of Relationships because, as she notes: "People everywhere talk to me about the same relationship issues. Many feel lonely; often they're alienated from loved ones because of seemingly irresolvable conflicts or communication problems; or they suffer in stale, loveless, or even abusive relationships. They ask me: 'How can I become a loving partner?' and 'How do I create a conscious relationship?' They are interested in learning more about the path of Vedanta and what it can teach us about transforming relationships and handling conflict in a relationship."

Our approaches to establishing connection often leave us frustrated. Says Shubhraji: "We try to solve relationship problems using the same strategies that created those problems in the first place. We try to change others so they meet our expectations, or we adjust our personality, hoping to make ourselves more lovable." But over and over again love presents constant challenges

Inspired to address the widespread longing for more loving, fulfilling relationships, Shubhraji draws upon the image of the lotus flower. "Just as the budding lotus is nourished by the mud from which it grows, our limitations and challenges fuel our journey of discovering our innate capacity to love. As we recognize our wholeness and our essence as love, deeper dimensions of our personality begin to bloom and we experience greater harmony in our relationships."

Accessible and practical, In the Lotus of the Heart not only illuminates how to connect more deeply with our beloveds, parents, children, and friends but also shows how relationships themselves are a vital tool for neutralizing the effects of past conditioning. Using examples we can all identify with, the book reveals how our outer conflicts reflect our inner struggles and how resolving them propels us toward harmonious relations with others. Simple exercises at the conclusion of each chapter provide practice opportunities that anyone can benefit from.


“If you want to live a more loving life, read this book! In the Lotus of the Heart, a refreshing and innovative book, reminds us that we are the ultimate expression of love.”
— Marci Shimoff
Author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Happy for No Reason, Love for No Reason, and Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul

“Shubhraji examines the web of relationships in simple and effective ways, giving insightful tools to the reader that benefit every complex sphere of relationship within the world. I highly recommend this book; it is a wonderful lens on the core issues in relationships.”
— Boman Irani, actor

"In the Lotus of the Heart is a wonderful book pointing readers to the essential ingredient in having successful and enriching relationships as well as getting in touch with what is best and highest in them. Using beautiful quotes from scriptures and sages along with excellent practical advice, it shows the way to the path of lasting love. We highly recommend this book to anyone seeking more fulfilling, enlightened relationships."
— Drs. Evelyn and Paul Moschetta
Marriage counselors and authors of The Marriage Spirit and Are You Roommates or Soul Mates?

"Creating and maintaining loving relationships requires energy and dedication. In this book, Shubhraji dives deep into Vedanta and comes up with refreshing insights that help us effectively invest that energy and focus our dedication. Using simple stories, folk wisdom, and teachings of contemporary wise men and women, Shubhraji skillfully illustrates how awareness of our true inner selves enables us to succeed in our pursuit of joyful, positive, and sustainable relationships. I would highly recommend this poignant book to anyone seeking the freedom to fully enjoy the depth and beauty of their relationships."
— Vatsala Sperling, MS, PhD, PDHom, CCH, RSHom (NA)
Coauthor of For Seven Lifetimes: An East-West Journey to a Spiritually Fulfilling and Sustainable Marriage

"A deep, wise, and wonderful exploration of the Vedanta path for relationships both with yourself and with others. In this book, Shubhraji provides everything you need to create healthy, fulfilling relationships, using ancient wisdom, beautiful stories, tools, and exercises. This book is a must read for those on a serious spiritual journey."
— Arielle Ford
Author of Wabi Sabi Love and The Soulmate Secret

"In the Lotus of the Heart is a profound and inspiring lesson in healing our love, lives, and ourselves by using ancient spiritual wisdom. I recommend it wholeheartedly."
— Brenda Wade, PhD
Author of Love Lessons and 99 Things You Wish You Knew Before Falling in Love

Shubhraji with Sonia Nelson and workshop participants in Santa Fe,NM